Buying Your Teen Their First Car

Most parents make it a habit to buy their teens a car when they turn 18. Even if not, the teens themselves work throughout the summers and save money to buy their own vehicle by the time they are legally allowed to buy a car.

What you have to be careful about

It is a nice gesture, loving and caring, to buy your child a car when they are turning eighteen. But one thing you have to remember is that the age which they are at, is a difficult one. No matter how many times you advise them or warn them, they might tend to speed or disobey road rules. Best solution is to also given them a gift certificate to get driving lessons. To make sure they take the class and actually pass, you can also keep the car keys until they show the license. It is also good if you sit with them and talk to them about the dangers in speeding or driving under influence. You can also direct them to take a class or two regarding the same at school.

Choosing the vehicle

Some parents try to show their love by buying the kids the best car or the most expensive teen car there is. But love is shown by small and simple actions, without being there for them or attending their games, without being present at a drama they act, just by gifting them an expensive car you cannot “show” the love. Also, if you truly love them, best thing is to buy a safe car than a sports model of a super luxury car. Hence, check with the vehicle salesman about the safety features of the car you are buying. Ensure it is not a big muscle car or a heavy duty SUV, or Sports Utility Vehicle. You can start off with a simple, small but safe car which is easier to be driven.

Taking care of it

Remember when you bought them their first pet? They had to learn to how to take care of it, right? Similarly, teach them how to take care of the vehicle. Of course, if they bought it on their own, the feeling will be somewhat present that “I need to be careful with this”; nevertheless, you buying it for them might make them take it for granted. So, tell them to not ignore the fact that someone spend money for it! You can also ask the driving instructor Maroubra whether the lessons include a session on cleaning and maintain the vehicles. Make your kids understand that nothing comes easy in life. If they wreck the car, it will be there duty to fix it with their own money. You can make the gift, a lesson in taking responsibility.