List Of Stationeries Needed For A New Office

Are you going to setup a new office? There are so many things that you have to do to ensure that you have a great beginning. There is a list of things which you need to carry with you as you will enter the new office. Apart from furniture and others there are stationeries which very necessary to be properly listed before shifting or entering a new office. There must be office personnel who will take care of the whole process. There are many things like that of pen, paper, stamp and others to be stocked for office use.If you are settling in a new office then look for self-inked rubber stamps Brisbane which are available in the market easily. Though there are other kinds of stamps but it is always better to get these as because they do not need other kind of ink. Thus, in these types of rubber made stamps you can just use it whenever you require the same. You can first make a list of stamps that you will require in the office. There may be address stamps or there may be other stamps as well which you can use for official use.In case you are using letters to be sent out to your clients, then you can make return address stamp. This will help you reduce cost of printing. Each time you send a communication to your clients you do not need to print your office address. All you need to do is to take the stamp and put it in the envelope back side so that the recipient of the letter understands who has sent the same. There are many types of stationery which are required for the starting of the new office. The list is being written below for your kind information.

Printer pagesIn today’s world you do not need to write letters, all you need is to type and print the same. Thus, take the printer pages in the list of your stationery. You will need them for your new office use.

Pens and other writing materialsYou can list pens, markers and other materials which can be used for writing purposes.

StampsThere are different kinds of stamps which are used in the office. So, you can order them beforehand so that your regular work does not get hampered from the day one.

MiscellaneousYou will need many of the other items. Refer to the things you had previously like the letterhead or the pins and stapler and other list of items which are required for the starting of the office. There are many other items which are required to start a new office, so list them and purchase them before you go ahead with starting of new office work.address-stamps

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Building Contractor

Renovating your home is not only a good investment but also refreshing at the same time. You may also choose to build major parts of your house anew. It is better to do such things with a building contractor. But choosing such a pro is quite a difficult job. Working with the wrong person can actually create many problems in future.

When choosing a right builder, it is really necessary to choose the proper one who will do job in a way so that you may get benefits in the long run. Before hiring a building contractor it is necessary to ask a few questions which will help you to choose the right one easily.

Is he licensed or not:

There are many building contractors who are operating in the market. It is better to work with a licensed one. Ask the pro about his licence and you can also get help from the internet. The results of working with an unlicensed one can be disastrous. So, never forget to ask the question about the licence.

Any problem with the area he will work in:

Some building contractors and shop fitters Gold Coast do not like to work in a place where they have to travel with their people. This may seem a problem to them. Before hiring, ask if he has any problem with the area. After starting the work, if the building contractor leaves, it will create a huge problem. So, never miss this simple but vital point.

Home indemnity insurance:

You may suffer while working with a building contractor if the he runs away or dies. A building contractor having home indemnity insurance can save your money. If something unwanted happens, this insurance will cover all the money you have paid to him.

Avoid a bankrupt builder:

Ask the building contractor if he was bankrupt at a moment. There is a chance that your building contractor will run off without giving any warning. Your money will get stuck and you will get a half built house. This can ruin your money and property. This is better to avoid any building contractor who has got bankrupt in the past.


You may need your house be prepared at a fast rate for your convenience. Always ask the building contractor if he will be able to finish the work within time. This must also be mentioned in the contract.


A building contractor must agree for the maintenance for a certain period of time after it is handed over to the owner. Mention this point and get necessary information about this period of time.