Steps To Hiring The Right Employee

The hiring process can be a big mess if not done properly. You might hire the wrong person for the wrong job at the wrong time which will then lower your company productivity and image. An effective system in place will help get this process done smoothly while creating an environment that the new employee will feel comfortable in. So here are some easy steps for you to follow.

  • Creating the job description
    As the term suggests, the job description will describe each and every task that needs to be done by the new employee, along with the skills and traits he needs to have and other information such as his salary etc. Be sure to include the ‘feel’ that the company is expecting from the candidates. For example, in a modern company, the organization culture is much more different to a government organization that practices bureaucracy.
  • Spread the word
    Now you need to inform the public that you are searching for candidates. Contact warehouse recruitment agencies Melbourne, put up newspaper advertisements, post on social media, visit career fairs etc. You need to choose your method according to the type of person and job. For example, if you need a young talented software engineer, advertising on the newspaper would be of no use since young people hardly read newspapers nowadays. Social media sites or job websites will be the best choice. Also, each method has its pros and cons. At a career fair, you could meet candidates personally, while through newspaper ads you cannot. You’ll have to wait till they come for the interview, which will lengthen the hiring process.
  • Interview and checks
    After you’ve selected the potential candidates from the pool of applicants, you need to call them in for a one on one session. Prepare the questions you will ask them beforehand. Ensure you create a comfortable environment for them. Be pleasant and do not rush. Next, you need to conduct criminal checks, medical tests, background checks etc. to ensure the details provided by the labour recruitment agencies Melbourne of the candidate is true.
  • Hiring and induction
    You need to ensure that the employee knows all necessary details of the company and the job he has to perform. Provide him with all materials, work space, network access, necessary files and software etc. Your employee could be new to this type of work and hence you need to provide him with proper training and development. However, ensure he sticks in the organization as you don’t need to train someone who will leave in a few months.