Get Even Heating Throughout Your Room By Installing Hydronic Floor Heating

Don’t you just hate it when you turn on the heating and it takes a long while to heat the whole room so you can get out of your snug comfortable blanket and feel cold shivers throughout your body? It is because heating uses hot air to heat up the surroundings and if high school science class has taught us anything, then hot air travels lighter than cold air, which is the reason why hot air stays above the cold one. Meaning the hot air from the heater will be above while the cold air will travel down and prevent the floor from heating properly. And the first step you take out of bed will be a cold chilly one which will send shivers up your spine. Well we have the perfect solution for that which is not only cost effective but also one of the most energy efficient methods. It is called heat pump installers in Melbourne which starts heating the floor before anything else.

Floor to Room Heating

The method that this heating solution works through is by passing hot waters through heat pipes that first store heat in a radiators that go under the floor and heat up a central removable tile that is directly in contact with the heat pipes that radiate heat. The water is heating in an energy efficient boiler and is being pushed around with a low power consumption motor. Since we do not need a high pressure pump in hydronic floor heating, we just want the water to pass through the pipes and transfer and store heat in radiators. That is why the heat moves from floor up creating even heating throughout the room, so when you get out of bed, your first step will not be welcome by a cold floor.

Energy Efficiency through Heat Storage

Hydronic floor heating is energy efficient since it stores heat in radiators and heat pipes, so even after you turn the boiler and pump off, you still have plenty of heat in reserve for a while. While when you are using a normal heater, as soon as the hot air stops coming, the cold starts to kick in. That is where you are well off getting a hydronic heating system installed in your house, because you are not only getting an even distribution of heat throughout your room, but you are also getting sustained heat even after turning it off.

Less Consumption of Electricity

Another thing about hydronic floor heating is that it costs less electricity than a normal heater would. Just think about it, a fan to pump hot air in every room, a heating coil to heat the air, the heat is not being stored anywhere.